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The true story of Emily Roebling, whose hard work and determination helped to complete the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband, the chief engineer, fell ill.  

"In this affectionate biography, Dougherty tells the story of Emily Roebling, who was pivotal to the design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. … In Dougherty’s accessible artwork, Roebling appears as a gentle, smiling figure, undaunted by the task at hand.”

—Publishers Weekly 


"Emily Warren Roebling was way ahead of her time. ... Dougherty’s lively narration of the events provides readers with an accessible, factual account of a remarkable woman’s accomplishments. Brightly colored illustrations enhance the action, presented in double-page spreads and framed vignettes, with blueprints and thumbnail informational sidebars and incorporating equations and engineering terms…. Inspiring.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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